The Diving Guide, Galápagos Islands




Outstanding New Galápagos Islands Guidebook Receives Journalism Award

From: NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association)
RE: 2004 Awards Competition

The School of Art & Media Studies and the School of English, Philosophy & Humanities at Fairleigh Dickinson University, judged the Award Competition sponsored by NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) and has awarded First Prize for Best Travel Guide of 2004 to:

The Diving Guide, Galápagos Islands, by Steve Rosenberg and Ellen Sarbone, published by Cruising Guides, June 2004.

This book received rave reviews from the Galápagos National Park Guides as "the most comprehensive Diving and Land Tour Guide for visitors to the Galápagos Islands." It includes in-depth descriptions of all the diving, snorkeling, and land tour sites throughout the archipelago, as well as extensive photography, maps, and drawings.

Richard Stewart, publisher of Ocean Realm Magazine, said, "I am totally impressed with The Diving Guide, Galápagos Islands. This new book is such a huge resource."

Ken Weemhoff, owner of Galápagos Adventures, the largest tour operator in the United States specializing in the Galápagos Islands said, " The Diving Guide, Galápagos Islands is a SUPER new book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been diving the Galápagos, has a dive trip booked to the Galápagos, or is thinking about planning a dive trip! It gives great detailed descriptions of all of the dive sites in the Galápagos including underwater maps and lots of great photos. Detailed descriptions of most, if not all, of the land visits are also included plus it is loaded with tons of practical information and advice for anyone planning a trip to the Galápagos."

For additional information on The Diving Guide, Galápagos Islands, or to order books, email: GalapagosGuidebook@excite.com. The book is also available on-line through other sites like Amazone.com, plus, most local bookstores, chains, and dive stores can order it if it is not in stock.


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